Friday, February 10, 2012

Here I am!

Today is the first day of my blog and it will be a journey and I hope you will join me.
Me - in a nutshell......
Ok, I may be a nut, but I am pretty sure I cannot fit into a nutshell.

I love my family, made up of my son and my hubby and I love dogs. The latter is a little overboard for some, but they make me happy so what others think is irrelevant. I cry at movies. Please note that I did not say "sad movies" because I just cry at movies; happy, sad, touching, any scene involving an animal in anyway....Oh, and I also cry at Hallmark commercials, the Olympic opening and closing ceremonies, anything my son makes me, cards my husband gives get the idea.

Currently there is a movie being advertised which is based on a true story about 3 whales that are trapped under the ice and the local people are trying to help them make it to the open sea. Cannot even watch that trailer without crying and we are not talking about that silent tears rolling sadly down my face, no we are talking the ugly, no holds barred, sobbing cry.

When going out with friends to a movie we choose Action movies - I can generally make it through those without so much emotional turmoil, but I will say that I still cry every time in Transformers 2 when Optimus dies....Oh, and in Transformers 3 in a couple spots.....

On the topic of movies, what exactly is it that requires that a movie must equal the cost of the average monthly mortgage payment?!?!? Does that bother anyone else? But here is the bigger question - Why do we all keep paying these prices?!?!? We really can't complain about things that we are willing to continue participating in, or can we? How much does it really cost for them to push play on the movie in the theater? Yes, they have overhead costs, but seriously I think they would still be just fine if they cut a couple bucks off the prime time ticket price - don't you. Oh and don't even get me started on the snacks....a bucket of popcorn can't cost them more than a buck to produce so, why in the heck do they need to charge $20?!?!? Yes, that is an exaggeration - get used to it, I do it often, just ask my husband....

And yet, we all still go to the movies and there is always a line at the popcorn counter - why is that? I don't have the answer because I do it too!

Talk again soon!

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